The Wynne Group, established in 1992, offers associations, non-profits, corporations and
resort properties a professional, cost-efficient alternative to maintaining in-house staff for:

          Event and convention production and management
          Online seminar production and management
          Public relations and media relations
          Membership relations and recruitment
          Publication and media production and marketing
          Sponsorship solicitation and fundraising
          Magazine and newsletter advertising sales
          Membership surveys and data analysis
          Strategic planning

Richard Wynne, President of The Wynne Group, has partnered with destination management, public relations, publishing and online seminar experts to provide a full range of services to meet your association and corporate goals. Wynne is an expert in all aspects of association and business management, with more than 30 years of experience in domestic and international convention, event and seminar planning, management and marketing, publications and media production and marketing, sponsorship procurement and fundraising, public and media relations, membership relations and recruitment, financial management, budgeting, contract negotiation and government compliance and advertising management and solicitation. Wynne has served clients in a variety of industries, including intellectual property, visual and performing arts, lead abatement, air quality, scientific research, publishing and arts & crafts.

Contact us today for a no-obligation consultation and find out how a strategic partnership with The Wynne Group can benefit your organization.

Currently Representing:

The Wynne Group President Richard Wynne is the owner of Kauai Koi & Lily Ponds. He brings his customers 19 years of experience in designing, installing and maintaining garden ponds. Mr. Wynne is an aquatic life expert as well as a published author in the nature field.
Kauai Koi & Lily Ponds designs, installs and maintains in-ground ponds, achieving a perfect biological balance with crystal-clear water, making the ponds beautiful additions to any home. Please visit the website for more details.

Hale Pohaku -- the perfect Hawaii small business venue for board of director meetings, executive retreats and other corporate, association and business events. We accommodate up to 28 people, which based on a 7 night stay comes to less than $60 per person per night. We're right in the middle of the Poipu resort area, yet located on a quiet back street. We have a pool on the property just for our guests, and the ocean is only a one minute walk away. Please visit our website for more information and a virtual tour.

The stereotype of a child with disabilities as a kid in a wheelchair is long gone. Our children with disabilities encompass all ages, and their caregivers are as often older siblings as aging parents and foster families. The population of senior citizens aged 60+ caring for adult children just with developmental disabilities is at about three-quarters of a million, and will continue to grow exponentially as aging baby boomers struggle to keep equally aging family members with disabilities at home with loved ones.
The vast majority of family caregivers, however are unaware of the wide array of federal laws and programs designed to assist them in providing day to day caregiving support to their loved ones.
The Children’s Disability Rights Education Association exists to ensure that parents and family caregivers understand these civil rights that all our children, regardless of age, have to medical care, and how to achieve them.

Learning about intellectual property - copyrights, trademarks and patents - can and should be interactive and engaging. It should also have learning components that can be fun. The use of IP should be proactive, not simply reactive to others who may want to steal intellectual property. Responding to the need for greater intellectual property awareness, Galaxy Systems, Inc. has developed BizWiz®, an interactive online educational tool. Please visit our website for more details and to view the demo. You may also self-register to use BizWiz® on a trial basis.

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